Multi Color Chip

Burden-free lightness of one chip
Packaged in feather-light disposable chips for on-the-go makeup.
Do all your makeup with one single piece
Truly versatile formula that can be used as lip & cheek, shading, and eye shadow as well.

Matte Tint

High-impact & High-pigment color!
The high-pigment color dries instantly and stays freshly still for 8 hours on your lips.Ultra-matte, Sheer-light wear
The velvety soft formula glides on smoothly and leaves ultra-matte finish creating perfectly defined lips.

Water Tint

Sheer light water-based tint that creates innocent yet provocative glow on your lips. Formulated with vegetable oils, the lip stain delivers immediate moisture to your lips and leaves long-lasting vivid shade.

Mini Cushion

Mini-sized but maximized coverage
The sheer light formula brings maximized coverage and leaves velvety soft matte finish. Mini-size cushion makes it easy for you to carry it around and do some touch-ups. Equipped with an inner mirror and a puff.