Marine Moisture Mineral Mist 150ml

- Mineral therapy by 92% deep sea water
  Mineral in the clean deep sea water ripened for a long time presents instant moisture and vitality to the skin and strengthens skin barrier.
- Antioxidative Activity for Skin
  Active ingredients contained in the extract of seaweed grown in the clean sea improves self-defense ability of skin by heightening synthesis of ‘ceramide’ and controlling active oxygen.
-Refresh effect
  Natural fragrance that relaxes tension sets mind at rest and makes comfortable.

Marine Moisture Deep Essence

- 88% real mineral moisture bursting full of skin
  Containing 88% deep sea water instead of water, it presents instant mineral moisture to the skin, and you may experience differentiated moistness and vitality of skin.
- Polymeric Network System forming a strong high moisture protective layer
  Presenting water-bursting feeling by stabilizing deep sea water, it forms a strong high moisture protective layer through the mechanism that puts moisture factor deep into the skin.
- Strengthening skin barrier, Resilient moisture
  Containing bifida-fermented lysate, marine collagen and Algae Oligosaccharides, a complex of bifida-fermented lysate, it strengthens skin barrier and presents resilient moisturizing feeling.

Marine Moisture Rich Cream

Strong moisturizing effect
Deep moisturizing effect presented by the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that is strengthened by Deep sea water and fermentation technology

- Keeping oil-moisture balance
-the optimum blending that keeps unset balance of skin rhythm
- Enhancement of skin barrier
  Bio-mimetic Gel Base™ ingredient which is similar to skin improves and protects damaged skin.
- Full ingredients obtained EWG green grade

MadeCera Express Mask

In an emergency!
Wear a MadeCera Express Mask and always keep golden time of skin Skin recovers quickly like getting an intravenous drip

-Madecassoside and high-purity Teca returns damaged parts
-Naturally-derived fermented Ceramide returns completely moisturizing skin
-High-grade superfine mask cares damaged skin quickly