All day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing serum

It contains 86.14% of the extract of Sea Buckthorn and is full of various vitamins to help brightening, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, wound-healing and skin recoveryHealthy looking skin. It vitalizes the skin, regulates excessive secretion of sebum and keeps the skin healthy and balanced.

Have a good cream snail & centella

Centella ingredient is effective in removing pigmentation and blemishes.Light texture moisturizer, Soothing care Snail slime in the serum keeps your skin rich in moisturizing power and provides elasticity. It is helpful for improvement and management of aging skin.

Yes I’m toner AHA 5%

Mild exfoliation. Alcohol-free toner, Dead skin cell care, The substance of AHA consisting of glycolic acid and lactic acid takes care of dead skin cells of skin surface with effectiveness and softness.

Rich Nourishment Sheet mask 26ml

Jumiso use a cotton sheet called Cupra. This eco-friendly sheet can absorb 13 times essence than fiber’s weight and gives less skin irritation.
Argan Oil has an effect on skin protection and forwarding nutriment. This substance similar with the skin’s natural lipids helps skin to appear smoother and increases firmness.