『Pure Me』

For:Beaut Pure Me™ is a hair brush that will keep your hair clean and shine all day long.

105 purifying fairies
For:Beaut Pure Me™ hair cleansing brush is equipped with 105 purifying fibre bristles. This little fairies will soak up oil grease and sweat residue and bad odor on your hair, while For:Beaut hair brush detangles and smoothen your hair easily.

The basics you need
Pure Me™ optimizes brushing with minimal effort. The round shape of the brush is designed to help brush easily and quickly.
Pure Me™ is remarkably adept at detangling your hair gently and it also delivers an ultra-smooth surface before styling. Brushing with Pure Me™ is the best way to detangle your hair while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating circulation to the hair follicles.

Revolution against pollution
Have a look around. What do you see? There’s a haze in the sky: soot, dirt, dust and gases.
Our hair is the first part of our body to be exposed and is often unprotected.
Air pollutions can cause scalp irritation, hair dryness, breakage, dandruff and even premature baldness. However, we cannot always wear those hats, caps, and scarves to protect our scalp and hair and also we don’t normally wash our hair until we get home.

Brush your hair with Pure Me™. It will absorb, reduce pollutant on your hair and keep your scalp and hair healthy.


Introducing For:Beaut SPEAR, the Technical wax
Techniques of professional hair salon specialists.
What is the biggest difference between professionals and non-professionals when styling?
The answer is styling your hair from the roots.
Hair styling products should be applied from the roots of your hair to support structure, volumize, and for longer consistency. SPEAR is sensibly designed to style your hair from the roots.

For:Beaut Spear supports your simple & perfect beauty lifestyle without the help of professionals

11 magic combs
The significant values of beauty are: proportion, uniformity, and harmony
For:Beaut Spear is carefully designed by the rule of Golden Ratio to create pleasing, and natural-looking compositions.
The eleven magic combs serve you to express your style more in detail, freely.
For:Beaut Spear’s magic combs will assist to get sharp textures and natural curls for piercing hair style.
Style another level with SPEAR

Delicate substance: Sub-SPEAR
Inside the spear cap, sub-spears are densely located, also designed by the rule of golden ratio.
(2cm in height, 3.2cm in diameter)
Sub-spears are small combs, fit for detailed styling of your hair to control flyaways on sideburn area.
No down-perm needed with sub-spears. Save your pocket and say good bye to struggled days to press down your sideburns.

Start of innovation
From the invention of pomade in ancient Egypt to commonly used gel & wax in modern age, hair styling always comes down with one drawback; the problem of sticky hands.
For:Beaut Spear will set you free from the hassle of washing hands.
Wherever & whenever, style away with For:Beaut SPEAR.

『A power of nature』

For:Beaut contains hydrogenated rosin which is extracted from pine tree. Pine Resin also has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory traits to protect your scalp from many pollutants.

For:Beaut wax supports the strong hold and consistency throughout the day with pine resin’s natural power.

Water-soluble formulation
We put the utmost effort on products to wash off easily.
Through more than hundreds of studies and tests, we finally created the optimal water-soluble formulation.

With just one shampoo, For:Beaut wax will be washed out easialy and leaves no residue. Now, you can maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

Bahama Bleu
The fragrance of For:Beaut wax is inspired by the romantic and refreshing waves of the Bahamas.
A fresh, powerful fragrance that strikes a perfect balance between elegance and uniqueness.
The scent is twice stronger than other regular hair waxes and it will be kept in the hair longer.

Start your day alive and confident with For:Beaut hair wax.

Style Another Level
Three different textures of: Freeze, Movement and Pomade will lead you to the new world of styling.
You can choose and use different types of formulations according to the styling and hair texture & length.

For:Beaut hair wax provides a strong hold and high consistency that weightlessly condition for maximum movement.