Dr.Althea Squalane Silk Mask

Dr.Althea Squalane Silk Mask provides an enormous amount of moisture deep down into the skin with a three step progress. First, as a substance that consists mostly of the human skin, Hydrolyzed collagen fills the dry skin from the bottom with an intensive moisture. Next, Sodium hyaluronate prevents the moisture from evaporating and keeps a certain amount of moisture in the skin with its enormous moisture retention capacity. Lastly, Squalane forms a protective water barrier over the skin surface to prevent impurities from the outer environment.

Essential Skin Conditioner Silk Mask

Essential Skin Conditioner Silk Mask’s main goal is to provide a healthy glow to the sensitive and irritated skin by soothing and supplying deficient nutrients. One of the natural ingredients in the rich essence is Witch hazel. Witch hazel is famous for its safety on sensitive skin and soothing effect. With its antibiotic function, it effectively soothes and improves sensitive, acne-prone skin. Also, a substance called Catechin in the Green tea extract is another effective soothing ingredient. While these ingredients calm and relieve the skin, other natural ingredients such as Panax notoginseng root extract provides nutrients to enhance immunity and activate metabolism of a skin.

Water Glow Aqua ampoule Mask

For the most perfect moisturizing solution for dry skin, the rich essence contains three powerful moisture components; Sodium hyaluronate, Ceramide, and Trehalose. These components are all similar to natural moisture substances in a human body or a plant. Due to the high similarity to the human body, the moisture is rapidly absorbed into the skin and provides a soothing effect as soon as it is applied with a fresh and cool feeling.

Pore-Control Charcoal Mask

Pore-Control Charcoal mask focuses on clearing unnecessary impurities and minimizing the enlarged pores. The key ingredient, Charcoal, absorbs impurities in the skin such as sebum and dead cell with its strong absorptive power. While the Charcoal takes care of impurities and tightens the pores, a safe anti-aging ingredient called Adenosine provides wrinkle and elasticity care with its antioxidant and skin regeneration function.

Natural Brightening Velvet Mask

Natural Brightening Velvet Mask mainly focuses on revitalizing the dull skin by providing brightening effect and abundant nutrients. Among the variety of beneficial natural grain ingredients, Oatmeal, Milk protein, and Rice play the most effective role. While Oatmeal and Rice are highly effective in brightening the skin with its function of eliminating unnecessary dead cells and other impurities, the Milk protein focuses on deficient nutrient supply and skin immunity enhancement to make the skin healthy in overall.

Amino Acid Gentle Bubble Cleanser

Made with many natural ingredients, the product is used for all skin types including sensitive skin to wipe off any impurities in the skin in a mild manner. The 17 different amino acids help to prevent the moisture from evaporating and forms a water barrier around the skin. By controlling melanin pigments, it minimizes the appearance of freckles or any blemishes from appearing on the face. Lastly, the collagen increases the elasticity of the skin.

Dr.Althea Azulene 147HA_Intensive Soothing Cream

Azulene 147HA - Intensive Soothing Cream focuses on improving sensitive and flushed problematic skin. It is a perfect night care product to soothe dry and irritated skin from the outer environment during the daytime. It contains various kinds of natural ingredients such as Betaine, Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol and more. These ingredients are effective in making the skin firm and moist with its PH balance control. It helps to achieve healthy and transparent skin with a non-stimulating soothing effect.

Dr.Althea Resveratrol 345NA_Intensive Repair Cream

Resveratrol 345NA – Intensive Repair Cream mainly focuses on anti-aging and acne-prone skin improvement. The main ingredient Resveratrol provides young and firm looking skin with its highly effective anti-aging and anti-inflammatory function. It also contains various kinds of natural ingredients such as Centella Asiatica Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract. These ingredients show a great effect in soothing acne-prone and inflammatory skin.