Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water 120ml

#Exfoliating #Brightening #Non-irritating #Pigmentation

The By Wishtrend Mandelic 5% Skin Prep Water is a hydrating and non-irritating exfoliant that can be used daily. Formulated with Mandelic Acid, it acts as an exfoliating treatment that improves the skin tone and texture while boosting the effectiveness of other products.

TECA 1% Barrier Cream 30ml

#Moisturizing #For Skin Barrier #For damaged skin #Prevents acne scars

The By Wishtrend Teca 1% Skin Barrier Cream is a spot cream to strengthen, calm and improve the skin's overall health. Consisting Centella Asiatica it helps to regenerate skin and restore damaged and weakened skin barrier.

Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule 30m

#Acne Prone Skin #Moisturizing #Soothing #Hydrating

The Propolis Extract obtained from the Auvergene volcanic region in France contains two Polyphenols, Catechin, and Quercetin. They are good antioxidants, as well as effective ingredients for the nourishment of the skin. In addition, Houtuynia Cordata Extract and Zinc PCA help soothe the skin and has antibacterial properties. Moisturizing agents such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, and Betaine effectively provides moisture to the skin.