EASTTHEORY Steam Melon Gentle Wash

4.5% Cantaloupe Melon Water Distilled with Natural Steam.
Cleansing Agents(Surfanctants): 100% Plant-based from Cocout and Surgarcane. Gel to High-Density of Foam Once Contact With Water.
Cantaloupe Melon Water and Chamomile Flower Oil Makes Skin Moist After Use.

EASTTHEORY Steam Melon Gentle Toner

9.0% Cantaloupe Melon Water Distilled With Natural Steam.
Powerfully Soothing and Moist :
1% Panthenol, Turmeric Root Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment.
Natural Fragrance with Cantaloupe Melon, Chamomile Flower, Mandarin Orange